Visitor information

We love visitors!
Visitors are always welcome
at the
Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club.

The Paperwork

It is a requirement of the NSW Registered Clubs Act that all visitors to a Registered Club provide identification when signing in. In accordance with the Registered Clubs Act and the Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club Limited Constitution, an individual residing within a radius of 5km of the Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club must be a current member to enter the property. Persons residing within the 5km radius of the Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club may not be admitted as an Honorary Member. Persons residing outside the 5km radius may be admitted as a Temporary Member upon production of residental identification in accordance with the Act.

To comply with the above, on arrival, visitors are required to sign the Temporary Members Register upon entering the Club. The temporary membership is valid for seven days.

How we dress

Neat, tidy and respectable dress is essential at all times. Soiled or ragged clothing, bathers, brief sports shorts, men’s singlet tops and bare feet will not be permitted at any time. Industrial clothing will not be permitted after 8.00pm.

As a mark of respect, gentlemen are kindly requested to remove their hats whilst inside the club buildings.

Please note management reserves the right to interpret the dress code.

How we behave

Members of the Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club are responsible for the conduct of their guests whilst on the Club premises.

Guests are required to maintain a high standard of conduct while in the Club. Conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Club could lead to suspension.

The Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club is committed to the Responsible Service of Alcohol and members or guests intoxicated or unsuitably dressed will be requested to leave the premises.