Community Matters

Community Activity Banner
Since its inception, Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club
has provided assistance to a range of charities and
community organisations.
Our philosophy is simple:

  • To work together with the community to achieve
    worthwhile benefits for those who need it most.

  • To be responsive to the needs of the community
    by fostering needs-based community activities
    through new and long-term community

  • To ensure that the Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club
    ambitions are aligned with the interests of the
    community and that the club’s growth will benefit
    the community as a whole.

  • To work together to provide welfare and
    support to Service Veterans and their families.

  • Some examples of current projects we are involved in include:

  • George Gordon Oval

  • Mildura Olympic Park Speedway Re-development
    – a $50,000 investment over 3 years (includes
    sponsorship and contribution towards capital

  • “The Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club has established a renowned reputation for
    its level of community sport. This year we have further strengthened the level of
    community engagement through partnerships with the Wentworth Shire Council,
    Wentworth & District Community Bank and the George Gordon User Group”

    Craig Muir – General Manager